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Bulgaria's Govt to Spin Off Tourism Portfolio into Separate Agency


Bulgaria's government is expected to spin off the tourism portfolio from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism into a separate agency.

It is not yet clear whether the seat of the new Agency will remain in the southern city of Plovdiv, where it was relocated through a decision of the former government, according to reports of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT).

Tourism in Bulgaria generates around 14% of the GDP.

However, industry representatives insist that the sector is in a state of crisis.

According to reports of BNT, there are a lot of issues to be resolved in the sector, taking into account that the summer season starts next week, contracts for the winter season are to be signed, and a total of 14 ordinances complementing the new Tourism Act are to be drafted and adopted.

There were also ideas to separate the Economy and the Energy in two Ministries, but the PM hopeful says time was pressuring him and instead of making, albeit needed, structural changes, the institutions must start functioning ASAP.

Photo by BGNES