A Concessionaire in Bulgaria's Pamporovo Resort to Expand Ski Runs


Pamporovo AD, the concessionaire in Bulgaria's mountain resort of the same name, has requested a permit to expand the ski runs, according to Marian Belyakov, CEO of the company.

No details are available about which ski runs are to be expanded and by how much, according to the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA).

In Belyakov's words, Pamporovo AD, the company which owns the ski infrastructure in the resort, is to invest around EUR 5 M in the preparation for the winter season.

The biggest investment of EUR 3.8 M is to go to the launch of a new 4-seater chairlift connecting the "Dva mosta" locality to Mount Snezhanka.

A total of around EUR 100 000 is to be invested in additional lighting of ski runs in the mountain resort.

The Smolyan Municipality has received investment plans for the installation of service and emergency lighting at Green Ski Run II and Green Ski Run and emergency lighting of PVL-2, ski run "Gigantski Slalom" (giant slalom), and ski run "Stenata" (the wall).

The project for lighting of the ski runs may be ready by the beginning of the winter season, provided that the procedure for issuing permits has been wrapped up.

Preparations of the ski zone before the winter include planting grass on eroded sections of land.

The company also plans to invest in purchasing artificial snow equipment.

Source: http://www.novinite.com