70 million levs for a repair of "Trakia" highway


70 million levs are needed to repair the old sections of "Trakia" highway said Lazar Lazarov road boss. Ministers now negotiated contract extension by 2007 government investment loan from the European Investment Bank. Agreement with the EIB expires at the end of the year, but the government negotiated an extension within 3 years and adding of rehabilitation of tracks from "Trakia". These are areas around Plovdiv and Pazardzhik and kilometers from Novi Han to the capital, said the road head.
Soon is expected to start work on the repair of the two viaducts on "Trakia" and "Bebresh" bridge "Hemus" highway. To obtain a building permit is expected to be changed by parliament 82 minutes of line law and normative acts that regulate the operation of the restructured Ministry of Regional Development.
Once that happens, you will run and repair of facilities, said "Standard." Worst technical repairs will be on viaduct on 67th km "Trakia", the upper part will be replaced completely by keeping only the columns of the bridge. Since Viaduct is actually formed from two separate facilities - the movement in any direction, the traffic of passenger cars and the sea will not be diverted.
Because of the increased workload, however, will be directed by bypassing the traffic of heavy trucks in the first phase of the renovation of the bridge in one direction. The second stage - the repair in the opposite direction diversion of trucks will be required.

Source: http://bg-daily-news.eu