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Town of Chernomorets- apartments for sale in a five-star club residence Flores garden on first line,
prices from € 58 800


Location:  complex Flores garden

Construction type: brick

Stage of construction: permission to use

Completion date: 05.2011

Heating: air conditioner

Joinery: PVC

  • Guaranteed rental

Luxury apartments on the first line of the Burgas bay

Completion dates:

  • Building K: 05.2011
  • Buildings C, D and F - 05.2012

Flores Garden residence is situated on a picturesque peninsula, in the most southern part of Burgas bay in town of Chernomorets, only 20 km south from Burgas city and 5 km from the old town of Sozopol.

Flores Grden - a cozy sea residence with unique system of landscaping zones designed for the fans of the luxury and comfort combined with the modren life style.


  • a residence situated on terrain with square surface of 15000 sq.m.
  • ten three or four storey buildings;
  • houses and apartments with an option for individual distribution;
  • finishing works on stage: key-ready;
  • 20 year guarantee of the structure;
  • exclusive beach and beach bar designed only for the residents of the residence and their guests;
  • outdoor and indoor pool;
  • Turkish and Finnish baths;

Degree of completeness:

The finishing works are in accordance with the Luxury standart.

There is an option for complete furnishing upon clients' whish and after additional payment:

  • high-quality furnitures;
  • elegant design and colours;
  • a large variety of accessories

Payment schemes:

Plan A:

  • EUR 3000 upon booking;
  • 35 % up to one month after the booking / the booking fee will be deducted/.
  • 55 % upon signed Act 15 / construction completed including all installations/;
  • 10 % upon signed Act 16 / Permission to use/

Plan B - 3% reduction in price:

  • EUR 3000 upon booking;
  • 60 % up to one month after the booking / the booking fee will be deducted/
  • 30 % upon signed Act 15 / construction completed including all installations/;
  • 10 % upon signed Act 16 / Permission to use/

Plan C: 5 % reduction in price:

  • EUR 3000 upon booking;
  • 90 % up to one month after the booking / the booking fee will be deducted/;
  • 10 % upon Act 16 / Permission to use/

No commission from the buyer!

The agency charges EUR 480 for attendance at the transaction!


  • centre for TsinGun treatment;
  • underground and overground parning lots;
  • low-storey construction and small building density;
  • a restaurant, cafe-bar on the beach, beauty parlor, firness-centre, SPA centre, Finnish and Turkish baths, equipment for water sports;
  • yachts for fishing and rows;
  • on option for hunting in the near by forestries;
  • rent-a-car, transfer from and to airport

Bulgaria Ranked 48th Globally in Tourism Competitiveness

Detailed information about the offered properties:

Building: B
Entrance: B
Floor: 1
Apartment B11, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance B, 75.00 m2, (Built-up area 62.97 m2), € 112 500 (€ 1 500/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 2
Apartment B16, Studio, Entrance B, 38.24 m2, (Built-up area 31.95 m2), € 63 100 (€ 1 650/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment B17, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance B, 76.30 m2, (Built-up area 64.05 m2), € 125 895 (€ 1 650/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 3 Floor plan
Apartment B19-20, 2 BRS Apartment, Entrance B, 153.17 m2, (Built-up area 129.57 m2), € 262 730 (€ 1 715/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: C
Entrance: C
Floor: 1
Apartment C07, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance C, 78.14 m2, (Built-up area 65.92 m2), € 156 280 (€ 2 000/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment C11, Studio, Entrance C, 38.08 m2, (Built-up area 31.95 m2), € 59 928 (€ 1 574/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 3
Apartment C21, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance C, 95.10 m2, (Built-up area 80.77 m2), € 176 915 (€ 1 860/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: D
Entrance: D
Floor: 1
Apartment D13, Studio, Entrance D, 36.75 m2, (Built-up area 31.44 m2), € 58 800 (€ 1 600/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment D09, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance D, 78.20 m2, (Built-up area 66.98 m2), € 117 300 (€ 1 500/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment D12, Studio, Entrance D, 36.75 m2, (Built-up area 31.44 m2), € 58 800 (€ 1 600/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment D14, Studio, Entrance D, 36.93 m2, (Built-up area 31.59 m2), € 59 100 (€ 1 600/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment D15, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance D, 79.39 m2, (Built-up area 67.83 m2), € 127 024 (€ 1 600/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 2
Apartment D28, 2 BRS Apartment, Entrance D, 94.05 m2, (Built-up area 82.76 m2), € 165 000 (€ 1 754/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment D17, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance D, 78.20 m2, (Built-up area 66.98 m2), € 125 120 (€ 1 600/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: F
Entrance: F
Floor: ground floor
Apartment F08, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance F, 75.23 m2, (Built-up area 66.57 m2), € 97 000 (€ 1 289/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 1
Apartment F15, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance F, 77.60 m2, (Built-up area 67.83 m2), € 128 700 (€ 1 659/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: К
Entrance: К
Floor: ground floor
Apartment К05-06, 2 BRS Apartment, Entrance К, 105.60 m2, (Built-up area 89.98 m2), € 250 000 (€ 2 367/sq.m) AVAILABLE
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