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"South Beach", Bulgaria, Tsarevo - completely finished apartments first class development,
prices from € 29 200

Construction type: brick

Year of construction: after 2000

Stage of construction: permission to use

Heating: air conditioner

Joinery: PVC

: 11364 sq.m

Buildings: 3

Apartments: 130

Garages: 23

Shops: 5

South Beach complex in the town of Тsarevo - fascinating atmosphere, remarkable for its architecture and luxury!


South Beach resort complex is fully completed, equipped and 1168.jpgfurnished in accordance with the requirements for a 4-star hotel complex from the 'apartment house' type at 30.06.2007.
The complex is located in the southern beach area of the town of Tsarevo, at the Nestinarka beach, on a total area of 7 000 sq.m. comprised of 2 600 sq.m of constructed area and 4400 sq.m. of parks.
The complex comprises three buildings, Blocks 1, 2 and 3, with the total of 150 apartments, each with an area of 50 to 100 sq.m. and more, and a total spread covered area of 15 000 sq.m. Most of the suites have sea view
There is a suitable access to the complex for personal and public transport, too, and an option of parking lots and covered parking space. Just 150 meters from the South Beach is the highway to Istanbul. There is a pedestrian alleyway leading to the center of the town of Tsarevo, suitable for walks and for a ride on the mini-train. In front of the South Beach, in the picturesque bay, is the 100-meter broad beach with sandy dunes, which is supplied with beach chairs and umbrellas, and attractive seaside entertainment, catering establishments and sport facilities.


The complex is of solid construction - bricks and building materials in accordance with the European Communities standard.

  • Structure - reinforced concrete;
  • Outside walls: bricks with 4 cm. thick ESP outer insulation and silicate plaster and decorative stone - gneiss;
  • Internal walls: bricks covered with gypsum cardboard and latex;
  • Roof roof tiles with 4 cm. thick ESP outer insulation and silicate plaster;
  • Doors and windows PVC-from Germany;
  • Lifts modern, with lifting capacity for 5 persons;
  • Internal doors foliated MDF;
  • Entrance doors foliated with MDF, with combination locks

Standard of finish for the property

The apartment types are studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom.

1. Basic equipment.
Sitting room and bedroom

  • Floor - laminated parquet from Germany
    Walls - bricks covered with gypsum cardboard and latex
    Ceilings - gypsum cardboard and latex
  • Kitchen box
    Floor - terra cotta from Spain
    Walls - bricks covered with gypsum cardboard and latex
    Ceilings - gypsum cardboard and latex
  • Entrance hall
    Floor - granitogres from Spain;
    Walls - bricks covered with gypsum cardboard and latex
    Ceilings - gypsum cardboard and latex;
  • WC and bathroom
    Floor - terra cotta from Spain;
    Walls - faience up to the ceiling, from Spain;
    Ceiling - suspended ceiling;
    Sanitary fixtures - monoblock toilet bowl, sideboard with fitted washbasin, bathtub, mirror - all delivered by Rocka, Spain;
    Electric water heater;
    Accessories - towel hanger, towel ring, toilet paper stand, toilet brush kit, all from Rocka, Spain;
    Illumination fixtures - from Italy;
  • Balcony
    Floor - granitogres from Spain;

2. Complete furnishing.

  • Sitting room - a triple unfolding sofa, unfolding armchair, side table, TV stand, 21' TV set, telephone, curtains and blinds;
  • Kitchen - Kitchen raft with washbasin and cupboards, ceramic plot with two hotplates, aspirator, fridge, coffee machine, curtains and blinds;
  • Dining room - dining table with 4 chairs, dining cutlery;
  • Bedroom - double bed, "Elite" mattresses, night-stands, triple wardrobe, a desk and chair, mirror, reading lamps and other illumination fixtures, curtains and blinds;
  • Entry hall - clothes hanger, shoe sideboard, mirror;
  • Balcony floor - granitogress from Spain, a garden table and 2 chairs;
  • WC and bathroom - a set of bathrobe and hand towels
    Illumination fixtures - from Italy

The fashionably furnished suites are provided with individual air-conditioning, direct telephone lines, internet, satellite TV, and the most up-to-date security and fire-prevention systems.

The complex is provided with:

  • Reception lobby;
  • Up-to-date SPA center with an area of 700 sq.m.;
  • Open-air swimming pool with sunshades, deck chairs and tables;
  • Fitness hall;
  • Hairdresser's;
  • Beauty parlor;
  • Main restaurant seating 200 offering the options of all-inclusive meals, breakfast or breakfast and dinner;
  • A-la-carte restaurant located in the garden. There, you can enjoy fish and savor fish and fish delicacies and local cuisine dishes, in modern surroundings and excellent service;
  • Lobby bar;
  • Individual laundry;
  • Children playgrounds;
  • Amphitheatre for animation shows and other entertainment;
  • Cosmetic studio;
  • Hairdresser’s;
  • Medical service;
  • Billiards hall;
  • Tennis hall;
  • Shopping stores;
  • Individual laundry;
  • Foreign currency exchange;
  • Multi-language staff;
  • Open parking lot and covered parking space;
  • 24-hour security and camera monitoring of the complex;
  • 24-hour room service;
  • Maintenance of the installation systems;
  • Year-round maintenance and care of the infrastructure in the complex, including regular cleaning of the swimming pool;
  • Special servicing for children: high chairs, cribs, children beds;

And morE...

SPA center

In the central building of the complex, on an area of 700 sq. m. is located the SPA centre. There qualified staff takes care of guests' beauty and health. What we offer is:

  • Massages: classic, east masaage, pill-massage, with hot stones, massage with honey, chocolate;
  • Hydrotherapy;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Ice-therapy;
  • Solarium;
  • Sauna;
  • Steam-bath;
  • Turkish-bath

Sport Center

In comprises a fitness hall with facilities, tennis hall, billiards, beach-volleyball, etc. There are daily sport tournaments and events: classes of water gymnastics, aerobics, fun games, horse-riding, bicycle hiking along special paths, and tracking trips into the Strandzha Mountains and other tourist routes, safaris and scuba-diving.

Please note...

In the tourist season of 2006 the largest European tourist operator and hotel chain of TUI opened its Serenity Bay hotel almost next-door to the SOUTH BEACH, and it reached an almost 85% capacity of occupation in that very first season, which comes to show the great interest to this newly created seaside resort area. That success is due mainly to the wonderful natural resources of the southern Black Seaside, the exceptionally clean seawaters and relatively scarce construction density - only three complexes. That guarantees a good return on investment. We offer the opportunity after the transfer of title of the property, along with the contracts of maintenance and security guarding, to be concluded contracts of management for a period of 2 years incorporating rent of 6 per cent annually on the price of the apartment.

Payment plan

Standard payment plan

  • EUR 2 000 upon reservation;
  • 90% upon signing the preliminary contract within 20 days from the reservation date;
  • 10% upon notary transfer, not later than 30 days from the first installment

Diferred payment plan

  • EUR 2 000 upon reservation;
  • 50% upon signing the preliminary contrcat within 20 days from the reservation date;
  • 30% of the price within 60 days from the first installment;
  • 20% of the price upon notary transfer not later than 120 days from the second installment

Discount is provided by purchasing of 2 and more apartments!

With the transfer of title is concluded a contract of maintenance and security guarding, which includes as follows:

  • 24-hour security guarding;
  • Year-round hygiene maintenance of the common parts of the building;
  • Year-round maintenance and care of the infrastructure in the complex, including regular cleaning of the swimming pool;
  • Maintenance and repair of the installation systems in the apartment

EUR 12/sq.m - annual maintenance tax.


  • 50m from the beach;
  • First class complex;
  • Good return on the investment;
  • Completely finished apartments or excellently furnished ones – the choice is your

All properties are for sale with no commission from the buyer!

Agency charges EUR 400 for attendance at the transaction. /VAT not included/

Why invest in Bulgaria?!

The town of Tsarevo is located on the southern Black Sea coast, 60 km to the south from the town of Burgas, among three picturesque bays. The place boasts a unique combination of numerous romantic bays along the Black Seaside, wooded mountain slopes and the tranquil waters of the Cherna River.
The seaside around Tsarevo is the sunniest part in Bulgaria, with the greatest number of sunny days, around 300. These splendid conditions place the area among the most beautiful and preferred holiday spots in the country.
The nearest airport is next to the town of Burgas, about 40 min drive. Bus ride to/from the complex. In view of the rapidly developing tourist branch in this southern destination, in the town of Primorko, 10 km. away from the South Beach complex, a new airport is planned to be constructed in 2007-2008, to service some of the tourist passenger traffic.

Why you trust us...

When organizing your trip to Bulgaria to view or purchase property it is very important that your trip is free from any troubles so you can focus on the main reason for your trip - to choose the right property. We, at Mirela Real Estate agency will be more than happy to organize your viewing trip to Bulgaria.
Before you come to Bulgaria we can organize or recommend a number of hotels providing accommodation.
On arrival you will be greeted by a friendly and highly trained representative.
Afterwards we will arrange for you the viewing of properties you may be interested in at any time convenient to you. At that time you will be accompanied by an experienced and qualified employee of ours to provide consultancy, interpretation and assistance when required.

Finishing and furnishing...

For owners of properties in Bulgaria, interested in renting their premises or for those who want to feel their property like a real home we can take up organization and control or full completion of construction or repair works. Mirela Real Estate Agency is in partnership with companies that offer complete line of furnishing services including ready set furniture packages that meet the requirements of the rental management companies. If you prefer our partners can help you design an ideal interior to suit your taste and style, and completely furnish the property so that everything is ready for you.

  • Landscaped courtyard
  • Excellent value for money

Detailed information about the offered properties:

Building: 1
Floor: ground floor Floor plan
Apartment 2/А102, 1 BR Apartment, 106.13 m2, (Built-up area 94.00 m2), € 81 412 (€ 767/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 3/А103, 1 BR Apartment, 112.61 m2, (Built-up area 99.00 m2), € 86 633 (€ 769/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 6/А106, 1 BR Apartment, 76.36 m2, (Built-up area 68.00 m2), € 58 798 (€ 770/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 8/А108, 1 BR Apartment, 75.85 m2, (Built-up area 68.00 m2), € 58 040 (€ 765/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 9/А109, Studio, 57.42 m2, (Built-up area 51.10 m2), € 44 213 (€ 770/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 1/А101, Studio, 59.00 m2, (Built-up area 53.00 m2), € 45 668 (€ 774/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 2 Floor plan
Apartment 16/А207, 1 BR Apartment, 77.00 m2, (Built-up area 67.00 m2), € 63 178 (€ 820/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 19/А210, Studio, 57.03 m2, (Built-up area 50.10 m2), € 47 050 (€ 825/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 3 Floor plan
Apartment 26/А307, 1 BR Apartment, 83.00 m2, (Built-up area 72.00 m2), € 72 758 (€ 877/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 29/А310, Studio, 57.00 m2, (Built-up area 50.00 m2), € 50 090 (€ 879/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 28/А309, 1 BR Apartment, 82.00 m2, (Built-up area 72.00 m2), € 72 213 (€ 881/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 4 Floor plan
Apartment 36/А407, 1 BR Apartment, 73.00 m2, (Built-up area 64.00 m2), € 68 274 (€ 935/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 39/А410, Studio, 53.50 m2, (Built-up area 47.00 m2), € 50 023 (€ 935/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 5 Floor plan
Apartment 49/А510, Studio, 53.00 m2, (Built-up area 47.00 m2), € 52 965 (€ 999/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 46/А507, 1 BR Apartment, 74.05 m2, (Built-up area 64.40 m2), € 73 310 (€ 990/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 48/А509, 1 BR Apartment, 73.50 m2, (Built-up area 64.40 m2), € 72 765 (€ 990/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 6 Floor plan
Apartment 56/А607, 1 BR Apartment, 71.00 m2, (Built-up area 63.00 m2), € 74 080 (€ 1 043/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 52/А603, 1 BR Apartment, 98.87 m2, (Built-up area 88.40 m2), € 130 508 (€ 1 320/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: 2
Floor: ground floor Floor plan
Apartment 6/В106, 1 BR Apartment, 71.00 m2, (Built-up area 64.00 m2), € 54 154 (€ 763/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 5/В105, 1 BR Apartment, 88.56 m2, (Built-up area 80.00 m2), € 67 806 (€ 766/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 4/В104, 1 BR Apartment, 87.00 m2, (Built-up area 79.00 m2), € 67 190 (€ 772/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 2 Floor plan
Apartment 11/В204, 1 BR Apartment, 89.00 m2, (Built-up area 79.00 m2), € 73 210 (€ 823/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 3 Floor plan
Apartment 17/В304, 1 BR Apartment, 92.44 m2, (Built-up area 40.75 m2), € 81 347 (€ 880/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 5 Floor plan
Apartment 28/В503, 1 BR Apartment, 91.77 m2, (Built-up area 82.50 m2), € 90 852 (€ 990/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 6 Floor plan
Apartment 36/В605, 1 BR Apartment, 81.42 m2, (Built-up area 73.20 m2), € 85 084 (€ 1 045/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 33/В602, 1 BR Apartment, 68.50 m2, (Built-up area 62.00 m2), € 71 060 (€ 1 037/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 32/В601, 1 BR Apartment, 81.18 m2, (Built-up area 73.20 m2), € 84 833 (€ 1 045/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: 3
Floor: ground floor Floor plan
Apartment 27/C104, 1 BR Apartment, 87.23 m2, (Built-up area 79.00 m2), € 66 860 (€ 766/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 2 Floor plan
Apartment 5/С205, 1 BR Apartment, 74.34 m2, (Built-up area 66.40 m2), € 61 330 (€ 825/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 3 Floor plan
Apartment 37/С306, 1 BR Apartment, 90.64 m2, (Built-up area 81.00 m2), € 51 700 (€ 570/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 9/С303, 1 BR Apartment, 114.22 m2, (Built-up area 102.00 m2), € 65 000 (€ 569/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 4 Floor plan
Apartment 16/С407, 1 BR Apartment, 77.31 m2, (Built-up area 69.20 m2), € 45 000 (€ 582/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 42/С406, 1 BR Apartment, 90.64 m2, (Built-up area 81.00 m2), € 52 700 (€ 581/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 13/С104, Studio, 53.18 m2, (Built-up area 47.40 m2), € 31 000 (€ 583/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 14/С403, 2 BRS Apartment, 114.22 m2, (Built-up area 102.00 m2), € 66 300 (€ 580/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 5 Floor plan
Apartment 49/С510, Studio, 53.18 m2, (Built-up area 47.40 m2), € 31 600 (€ 594/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 19/С503, 2 BRS Apartment, 114.22 m2, (Built-up area 102.00 m2), € 67 600 (€ 592/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 47/С506, 1 BR Apartment, 90.64 m2, (Built-up area 81.00 m2), € 53 600 (€ 591/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 20/С505, 1 BR Apartment, 74.34 m2, (Built-up area 66.40 m2), € 44 200 (€ 595/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 6 Floor plan
Apartment 52/С606, 1 BR Apartment, 75.59 m2, (Built-up area 64.17 m2), € 45 800 (€ 606/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 53/С608, Studio, 55.14 m2, (Built-up area 47.40 m2), € 33 400 (€ 606/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 24/С607, 1 BR Apartment, 76.95 m2, (Built-up area 69.30 m2), € 46 600 (€ 606/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Apartment 54/С610, Studio, 48.23 m2, (Built-up area 40.93 m2), € 29 200 (€ 605/sq.m) AVAILABLE
The list of submitted offers does not exhaust the full potential to buy a property in this building. There may be a property that has not yet been announced. Please contact the agent for contacts.

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