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Santa Marina, Bulgaria, Sozopol - luxurious apartments for sale in a one of a kind complex on the Bulgarian Black Sea,
prices from € 51 840


Location:  complex Santa Marina, First coastline!

Construction type: brick

Stage of construction: permission to use

Heating: air conditioner

Joinery: German PVC casement windows

  • Guaranteed rental

What does a holiday mean to you? time spent amid beautiful nature, at a place full of nice emotions, numerious facilities and beloved person next to you?!The last we leave to you for the rest Santa MARINA will take care!Location

Santa Marina Holiday Village enjoys an excellent location on the
Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast: it is just above the famous King’s Beach, 2 km north of the ancient town of Sozopol and 34 km south of the city of Burgas.
Via the Cherno More highway, the closest airport in the city of Burgas is only a 40 minute - drive away. Burgas’ airport is the second biggest airport in Bulgaria, offering scheduled flights from most European capitals and many chartered ones during the summer season.
To come to Santa Marina by car from Sofia, take the Trakia highway to Burgas and then the Cherno More highway to Sozopol. The distance from the capital to the holiday village is 424 km, i.e. a 5- to 6-hour ride.


Santa Marina is a beach-front resort the concept of which emphasizes on services and comfort. The famous King’s Beach is just underneath Santa Marina, and the surrounding pine forests make the village even more cozy and pleasant to live in.
With the unique facilities, excellent living conditions and exclusive servicing, Santa Marina guarantees an inimitable accommodation and recreation style. The large number of pools, restaurants, bars, children attractions, leisure and additional facilities make Santa Marina the ideal place for family vacations, long-term accommodation and even permanent residing.
The residential scheme includes 80 3- and 4-stoirey villas with apartments of various sizes as well as a wide range of services and facilities. The villas are arranged in an amphitheatric manner along the bay providing for breathtaking sea views from most of the properties. The complex is built in the distinct architectural style of the Bulgarian 19th century National Revival period. 70% of the overall resort’s area of about 100,000 sq. m. is dedicated to gardens, park alleys, parking and service facilities.

If you take a look at a plan of houses and their numbers аt the end of the project you will be aware of what and when will be builtGood selection of apartments

  • Studios from 44 sq.m to 56 sq.m;
  • 1BR apartments from 56 sq.m to 89 sq.m;
  • 2BRs apartments from 82 sq.m to 165 sq.m;

    Mansard studios on two floors from 62 sq.m to 73 sq.m


  • Plot: 100,000 square meters;
  • Percentage of green areas: 70;
  • Total built-up area: 100,000 sq. m;
  • Gardens and service areas: 70,000 sq. m;
  • Villas: 80;
  • Apartments: 1,400;
  • Service and entertainment centers: 5

Santa Marina complex will be completed in three stages by the end of 2009:

  • 1-st stage - operational since June 2006;
  • 2-nd stage - Permission for use of 19.12.2007;
  • 3-d stage - completion: by the end of 2009.

The Service and Entertainment Center 1 offers:

  • 3 swimming pools (1082 m³);
  • Sun terraces with chaise-longues ;
  • Reception;
  • Porter;
  • 3 Restaurants (100 – 150 seats);
  • Family Club with kindergarten and animation in several languages;
  • Pool bar; Lobby bar; Piano bar;
  • Live cooking;
  • Catering;
  • Massage room;
  • Convenience store; Tobacco and alcohol shop;
  • Medical centre;
  • Travel agency and rent-a-car services;
  • Bicycle rent;
  • Transfers from and to the Bourgas and Varna Airports and other tourist attractions;
  • Laundry and dry cleaning ;

    Postal services

The Service and Entertainment Center 2 offers:

  • 2 swimming pools (1082 м³);
  • Sun terraces with chaise-longues ;
  • Pizza restaurant;
  • Ice-cream house;
  • Fitness centre;
  • Beauty centre and hair stylist;
  • Aqua and spa area, including sauna, steam baths, Spa-capsules;
  • Massage room, Relax room; etc.;
  • Beauty treatments including aroma therapy, wine therapy, massages, mild aroma peeling, after-sun body and facial therapies;
  • Shopping area

facilities to be constructed:

  • House 62 - conference hall, as in the summer it will be used for animation or other entertainment;
  • House 68 - benches, darst, etc.;
  • House 64 - basketball playground;
  • House 73 - sports playground - mini football;
  • House 65 - children's playground and kindergarten;
  • Lounges and shades on the beach;
  • Elevator on the bridge;
  • Above house 49 - two tennis courts and sports playgrounds /the proposal is submitted at the municipality/;
  • Above house 18 - two tennis courts and sports playgrounds


  • The Santa Marina villas are built with special construction materials that are perfectly suitable to the local climate and are a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional natural materials;
  • An enforced concrete framework supported by external and internal red-brick walls;
  • Double insulation containing penopolystyrol, thermo-insulation and hydro-insulation; and plasterboards that enable the perfect finishing of interior walls.
  • In addition, for the exterior of villas, we use 3 basic construction materials that are consistent with Sozopol’s architectural style: stones, white wall plaster and traditional wooden coating. Finally, the typical sloped red tile roofs give a charming finish to the villas.


There are 4 basic types of properties: studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments and split-level mansard studios. All properties offer nice terraces, most of which offer unforgettable sea views.
Some of the properties are fully fusnished, some of them are excellently finished /no furniture/. In the pricelist where all available apartments are listed you can see what is the finishing of each of them.
Possible furniture packs: White Pine, Spanish Brown, Ratan, Beach tree, Bamboo, Wenge.

Property maintenace

All owners of apartments at Santa Marina contribute to the overall maintenance of the holiday village by paying an annual fee. The amount to be paid depends on the size of the property or properties owned /EUR 10/sq.m/. The amount of the maintenance fee, scope of the maintenance, and the basic rules of using apartments at Santa Marina are part of the maintenance contract, which is obligatory for all owners at Santa Marina. The essence of this contract is to make sure that the complex will remain a comfortable place to live in and will also keep its current aesthetic design.
The maintenance of the complex covers its communal parts: both the communal parts of the buildings and the communal parts of the holiday village (gardens, pools, parking, etc.). The services rendered with regard to the maintenance are:

  • 24-hour year-round security and surveillance for the holiday village;
  • Gardening;
  • Keeping gardens and communal areas clean;
  • Maintenance of the common equipment of the holiday village;
  • Maintenance of the pools;
  • Overall management of the complex;
  • On-site manager;
  • Receptionist

The maintenance of the complex does not cover overhauls inside of apartments, renovations of the supply systems in the villas, taxes and other costs of ownership for the apartments, etc. According to Bulgarian law, these costs are borne by owners. Santa Marina may only pay them on behalf of owners, if they wish to.

Property management

To rent the apartment at Santa Marina out, you need to make sure that it is furnished according to 4-star hotel standards (all our furniture packs comply with these standards), to provide your apartment with the specific additional equipment (TV set, towels, bed linen, toaster, plates, cutlery, etc.; all of them part of the Additional Equipment Pack), make sure that bills for the apartment are paid on time (we assist you in that with our Expenses Management Pack), and cover the costs for keeping the apartment clean.
The rental management of the apartment is divided into activities undertaken during the period of renting out of apartments and activities undertaken in the apartment when it is not occupied by tenants.
Outside of the high tourist season, incl. in the winter period, the property management company continues to take care of the property by paying bills, for instance. The property manager keeps the apartment clean and maintains it in a state to be successfully rented out to tenants.

No commission!

Agency charges EUR 400 for attendance at the transaction. /VAT not included/


  • Unique nature;
  • Splendid view on the sea;
  • Excellent access to main roads and public services;
  • Secure investment potential

Detailed information about the offered properties:

Building: 24
Entrance: A
Floor: 1 Floor plan
Apartment 2, Studio, Entrance A, 63.03 m2, (Built-up area 57.44 m2), € 62 640 (€ 994/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: 39
Entrance: A
Floor: 3 Floor plan
Apartment 6, Studio, Entrance A, 52.46 m2, (Built-up area 46.35 m2), € 52 920 (€ 1 009/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Entrance: B
Floor: 2 Floor plan
Apartment 4, Studio, Entrance B, 52.55 m2, (Built-up area 46.43 m2), € 52 920 (€ 1 007/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Entrance: C
Floor: 1 Floor plan
Apartment 2, Studio, Entrance C, 63.07 m2, (Built-up area 56.47 m2), € 62 100 (€ 985/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 2 Floor plan
Apartment 4, Studio, Entrance C, 52.65 m2, (Built-up area 46.52 m2), € 54 000 (€ 1 026/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 3 Floor plan
Apartment 6, Studio, Entrance C, 52.65 m2, (Built-up area 46.52 m2), € 56 160 (€ 1 067/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: 72
Entrance: A
Floor: 1
Apartment 2, Studio, Entrance A, 63.33 m2, (Built-up area 56.36 m2), € 63 720 (€ 1 006/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: 76
Entrance: A
Floor: 2
Apartment 4, Studio, Entrance A, 52.50 m2, (Built-up area 46.54 m2), € 56 160 (€ 1 070/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Entrance: B
Floor: 2 Floor plan
Apartment 4, Studio, Entrance B, 52.38 m2, (Built-up area 46.43 m2), € 55 600 (€ 1 061/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Entrance: C
Floor: 1 Floor plan
Apartment 2, Studio, Entrance C, 63.67 m2, (Built-up area 56.67 m2), € 59 400 (€ 933/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: 79
Entrance: A
Floor: 2
Apartment 3, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance A, 73.81 m2, (Built-up area 66.46 m2), € 110 000 (€ 1 490/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Building: 82
Entrance: A
Floor: 1 Floor plan
Apartment 2 и 1, 2 BRS Apartment, Entrance A, 152.35 m2, (Built-up area 143.04 m2), € 137 700 (€ 904/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Floor: 2 Floor plan
Apartment 4, Studio, Entrance A, 54.85 m2, (Built-up area 49.09 m2), € 54 000 (€ 985/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Entrance: B
Floor: 1 Floor plan
Apartment 2, 2 BRS Apartment, Entrance B, 152.58 m2, (Built-up area 142.91 m2), € 138 240 (€ 906/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Entrance: C
Floor: 1 Floor plan
Apartment 1, Studio, Entrance C, 50.15 m2, (Built-up area 47.76 m2), € 51 840 (€ 1 034/sq.m) AVAILABLE
Entrance: D
Floor: 2 Floor plan
Apartment 3 и 4, 3 BRS Apartment, Entrance D, 148.35 m2, (Built-up area 132.67 m2), € 133 960 (€ 903/sq.m) AVAILABLE
The list of submitted offers does not exhaust the full potential to buy a property in this building. There may be a property that has not yet been announced. Please contact the agent for contacts.

Please use the contact form to get in touch with the agent in case you are interested in additional information, pictures, floor plans and arranging a property viewing.

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1. A large part of the newly built apartments are being offered without commission for buyers. This is usually indicated in the presentation of the project itself. You should still ask your agent whether you own commission on specific properties.

2. The declared price of the property does not include the commission of MIRELA (whenever such is due) and the state costs of the transaction (local tax, notarial fees and the fee to the Registry Agency, which (tax and fees) are totaling about 3,5 - 4,0% of the total value of the property.
For advice on how to calculate transaction costs, you can contact a lawyer at Mirela Ltd.
on 02 9812345 from 09.00 to 18.00 on weekdays.

3. We can offer you a property with similar characteristics in one of our other projects.
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