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Offer No. 348158
7/23/19, 7:18 PM 2420

Apartments for sale, city of Sofia, Slatina,
prices from € 790 /sq.m

Payment by installments

Construction type: brick

Stage of construction: conceptual design

Completion date: 12.2021

Heating: Central heating

Joinery: PVC

Без комисионна от купувача! Преференциални ТОП цени на инвеститора! Продаваме модерни и функционални апартаменти в нова жилищна сграда, разположена в близост до ул. Боян Магесник, на границата на кварталите Слатина и Редута.
Мястото е много перспективно - в близост е бъдещата метростанция на бул. Шипченски проход.

Инвеститор е архитектурна и строително-инвестиционна компания, която присъства на пазара над 11 години, като за този период е осъществила множество инвестиционни проекти на територията на цялата страна.

Сградата е решена в модерен индустриален стил. На две сутеренни нива ще бъде изграден комфортен подземен паркинг. На ниво партер ще са разположени търговски площи, офиси, заведения.
Фасадата ще бъде много ефектна, с високоефективна шумо и топлоизолация. Предвижда се иновативно архитектурно решение - атриум, който ще служи за естествено осветление и вентилация, ще подобрява циркулацията на въздуха като вкарва много светлина.

Апартаментите са 2-СТАЙНИ, 3-СТАЙНИ и 4-СТАЙНИ. Разпределенията са максимално оптимизирани и излючително функционални.

  • Двустайните апартаменти са с площ от 55.14 кв. м. до 63.62 кв. м. Цените са от 49 972 евро;
  • Тристайните апартаменти са с площ от 72.82 кв. м. до 112.11 кв. м. Цените са от 74 326 евро.

Към цената на апартамента е включено и мазе/складово помещение.

Предлагаме ипотечно кредитиране при най-изгодни условия.
За да получите планове, етажни разпределения, актуални цени на свободните апартаменти, както и друга подробна информация относно проекта, моля използвайте формата за контакт с агента.

Detailed information about the offered properties:

Floor: 1
Apartment 3, 2 BRS Apartment, 87.01 m2, (Built-up area 76.55 m2), € 74 218 (€ 853/sq.m) Details
Apartment 8, 2 BRS Apartment, 109.75 m2, (Built-up area 96.60 m2), € 86 703 (€ 790/sq.m) Details
Floor: 3 Floor plan
Apartment 24, 2 BRS Apartment, 112.03 m2, (Built-up area 98.60 m2), € 98 586 (€ 880/sq.m) Details
Floor: 4 Floor plan
Apartment 27, 2 BRS Apartment, 87.21 m2, (Built-up area 76.55 m2), € 86 594 (€ 993/sq.m) Details
Apartment 28, 1 BR Apartment, 56.58 m2, (Built-up area 49.60 m2), € 56 883 (€ 1 005/sq.m) Reserved
Apartment 30, 2 BRS Apartment, 93.71 m2, (Built-up area 82.26 m2), € 92 899 (€ 991/sq.m) Details
Apartment 32, 2 BRS Apartment, 112.03 m2, (Built-up area 98.60 m2), € 104 188 (€ 930/sq.m) Details
Floor: 5 Floor plan
Apartment 39, 1 BR Apartment, 63.57 m2, (Built-up area 55.83 m2), € 64 299 (€ 1 011/sq.m) Details
Apartment 40, 2 BRS Apartment, 112.03 m2, (Built-up area 98.60 m2), € 109 789 (€ 980/sq.m) Details
Apartment 38, 2 BRS Apartment, 92.65 m2, (Built-up area 81.33 m2), € 96 503 (€ 1 042/sq.m) Details
Floor: 6 Floor plan
Apartment 42, 1 BR Apartment, 58.77 m2, (Built-up area 51.55 m2), € 66 647 (€ 1 134/sq.m) Details
Apartment 43, 2 BRS Apartment, 87.21 m2, (Built-up area 76.55 m2), € 102 292 (€ 1 173/sq.m) Details
Apartment 44, 1 BR Apartment, 56.62 m2, (Built-up area 49.60 m2), € 67 113 (€ 1 185/sq.m) Details
Apartment 45, 1 BR Apartment, 55.09 m2, (Built-up area 48.26 m2), € 65 354 (€ 1 186/sq.m) Details
Apartment 46, 2 BRS Apartment, 92.65 m2, (Built-up area 81.33 m2), € 108 548 (€ 1 172/sq.m) Details
Apartment 47, 1 BR Apartment, 63.57 m2, (Built-up area 55.83 m2), € 68 749 (€ 1 081/sq.m) Details
Apartment 48, 2 BRS Apartment, 112.03 m2, (Built-up area 98.60 m2), € 117 632 (€ 1 050/sq.m) Details
Apartment 41, 2 BRS Apartment, 109.80 m2, (Built-up area 96.53 m2), € 120 780 (€ 1 100/sq.m) Details
Floor: 7
Apartment 49, 2 BRS Apartment, 73.03 m2, (Built-up area 64.66 m2), € 87 636 (€ 1 200/sq.m) Details
Apartment 50, 1 BR Apartment, 72.28 m2, (Built-up area 64.00 m2), € 90 350 (€ 1 250/sq.m) Details
Apartment 51, 2 BRS Apartment, 85.94 m2, (Built-up area 76.01 m2), € 107 425 (€ 1 250/sq.m) Details
The list of submitted offers does not exhaust the full potential to buy a property in this building. There may be a property that has not yet been announced. Please contact the agent for contacts.

Please use the contact form to get in touch with the agent in case you are interested in additional information, pictures, floor plans and arranging a property viewing.


1. The listed price does not include the commission remuneration of Mirela and the state costs for the transaction (local tax, notary fee and taxes to Registry Agency, which ( tax and fees) amount to about 3% of property value.

2. Our usual remuneration, which you owe when you purchase property is 3 % of the property sale price, not less than EUR 1,000.

For consultation on calculating transaction costs, you can contact a lawyer of Mirela LTD at +359 2 9812345 from 09:00 to 18:00 on work days.

3. In order to organize a property viewing you should conclude an Assignation order with Mirela. You can submit that order and online.

4. There is a possibility this property to be with No commission for the buyer or to have other preferential conditions for payment of the remuneration - ask the agent of the offer.

5. Under the conditions of the concluded Assignation order you are entitled of additional discounts.

6. The remuneration shall be paid within 5 days after the implementation of the transaction. This payment can be in cash or in the means of bank transfer to Mirela's bank account.

7. You owe a remuneration only if you purchase that property - you do not owe anything in advance.

8. You can give a guarantee of your intention to purchase the property and to place in advance the conditions under which You will make a deal. If we do not manage to negotiate the same conditions, we will refund the guarantee.

9. The negotiations on the deal are made, through the mediation of Mirela. The draw up of documents for the transaction is carried out by Mirela, unless you are willing to use your own solicitors.

10. You can sign a preliminary contract for purchase- sale of the property, leaving the seller a DOWN PAYMENT or go directly to signing the final contract (notary deed) - we will offer You options and our opinion on this issue, but the decision is yours and we comply with it.

11. If after a concluded with our mediation purchase-sale contract, a final contract for purchase sale is not concluded through the Seller's fault, MIRELA obliges to search another property, as You do not owe an additional remuneration for following implemented deal.

12. To avoid misunderstandings, you will be notified by e-mail and SMS through all stages of the transaction.

13. You have a guaranteed possibility to share your impressions of the service and to level criticism or recommendation directly to the management of Mirela.

14. For deals worth over 10 000 BGN, it's obligatory the provision of guarantee and payment of amounts of the sale price of the property to be made in the means of bank transfer.

We work in an open, accountable way, with clear rules.

Do not hesitate to send all your questions to the agent who is in charge with the offering of the property.

We will be glad to have You as our client!

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